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Our Home Sellers Kit Can Show You How…

Entering in to Mississauga’s current market can be somewhat intimidating, especially if you haven’t sold a house in a while. As you begin to do your research, you’ll find the market has changed drastically; it’s a very discernable BUYERS market right now. You’ll be entering it with high expectations so once your home is put up for sale, you’ll find yourself competing with a number of other sellers who, like you, simply want to sell for the most money possible.

Killarney, like so many other well established Mississauga communities is NO exception. There are many homes For Sale in every category. From post and pre-war small family properties to new and very contemporary urban residences, the array of choices is complete. Presenting YOUR home in an appealing manner will be crucial to your selling success.

There are many considerations when selling. Home condition and showability is a big part of the process. A well known rule of thumb is that the correct list price, when compared with other comparable homes garners the buyer’s interest and creates a request for a showing. But presenting your home in its best looking, most appealing condition is the crucial exercise that generates AN OFFER FOR YOU from a qualified buyer. These days, buyers are very interested to find and see value for the dollars they are going to spend. We believe this creates much benefit for you, a Home Seller.

For a selling project in the near future, our HOME SELLERS KIT is the ideal choice for you today. You’ll receive a fully loaded, comprehensive collection of very useful tools which will help you see the importance of in how to present your home to prospective buyers. Your personal kit will include the following:

  • A special brochure: “27 48 Crucial Tips for Creating a Faster, More profitable Sale”
  • A complete Community Sales report including recent sales, current listings, and a printout of your home as it appears in the database (either report 1 or 2)
  • A Quick and Easy Fix-Ups guide.
  • The DVD - “Selling in Mississauga”
  • The CD – “How to Price and Prepare your Home to Sell”

Order your own personalized kit right now. Just tell our automated system below where it to send it. It will be sent by courier to any home in Mississauga or surrounding area.

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